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About Composites USA

Composites USA originated in Wilmington, Delaware in 1982 as a high quality fiberglass corrosion-resistant products fabricator. With the acquisition of Jones & Hunt in 1994, Composites USA expanded their experience base back to the 1950s. In late 2010, Composites USA joined the CPS Group providing product solutions to an even greater range of customer needs. In May 2017, the CPS Group sold Composites USA to Dan Naugle, who had been the GM since 2015. Dan has over 30 years experience in the FRP industry and is excited and passionate about the future of Composites USA.

Composites USA maintains their manufacturing facility and field construction base of operation in the USA. We are located in Maryland with 51,000 square feet of contemporary fixed manufacturing space and are positioned to support most any production or site project, regardless the location.

Composites USA is recognized  worldwide as a technically advanced, quality driven resource. We specialize in critically engineered FRP equipment, including reinforced composite, dual laminate products, FM and UL approved duct, applied barrier systems as well as construction in corrosion/erosion resistant service and material applications.

Known for its single source collection of product offerings, Composites USA is respected as a legitimate design, manufacture, construction provider, with a proven history projects successfully delivered to some of industry's most demanding clients. Our equipment is installed on six continents and our clients include world class clientele. We have also provided OEM equipment for some of the most respected names in the corrosion equipment field.  This equipment includes piping, duct, tanks, and scrubbers.  CUSA also provides in-house assembly of duct and piping to lessen field installation time.

Our staff of mechanical engineers are poised to handle all your project requirements, from concept and design through production. Building upon our extensive experience in contact, filament wound, and resin transfer molding of fiberglass reinforced thermoset plastics and we offer selected thermoplastics and lined products for virtually any corrosion resistant application.