Dan Naugle
General Manager
Composites USA

Dan Naugle is the General Manager at Composites USA in North East, MD. His responsibilities include the oversight of the day-to-day operations of the Maryland plant which manufactures fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) products including pipe, duct, FRP tanks, Dual Laminate tanks and other FRP equipment. Dan ensures the manufacturing process is safe and efficient, maximizing facility capacity and profitability, with an emphasis on producing the highest quality products to meet the most stringent demands of our customers.

Dan is also responsible for product development and for enhancements to the design and function of existing product offerings; he often collaborates with customers to customize improvements to existing products to create added value.

Dan has over thirty years’ experience in all aspects of FRP manufacturing including equipment design, industrial engineering, purchasing and manufacturing, he has a passion for building high quality FRP products and takes pride in all aspects of his work. When not working; Dan enjoys boating, biking and gardening.