Safety Performance is a Team Effort

Composites USA has received multiple safety awards, including awards from the industries they serve, the Society of Plastics Industries (SPI) and the State of Delaware.

OSHA has requested copies of the Composites USA safety program and promoted it as a model for other companies to follow. It is a practice of Composites USA to volunteer for OSHA & MOSHA inspections and during a voluntary inspection one OSHA inspector commented the Composites USA facility/program was among the the five best that he had ever seen! Composites USA has passed all their inspections without any critical issues to be resolved.


Safety Award

The health and safety of our employees is paramount at Composites USA. All employees participate in a quarterly companywide drug testing program and monthly safety meetings are held for all lead company employees with safety training implemented for all employees on a monthly basis. This training covers items which are of concern in our specific industry as well as typical manufacturing facilities, including hazardous material handling and disposal, fall protection, ergonomics, rigging safety, confined space entry, lock out/tag out, proper use of PPE, respirator training, fire safety and much more.

Safety performance depends on a team effort! Working together, we can maintain a safe and healthy work environment. The cooperation and participation in this program by all of all our employees key to our success and greatly appreciated.