Composites USA Scrubbers

Composites USA has manufactured wet scrubbers since the company's inception. Chemical wet scrubbing is a very effective control technique for neutralizing environmental pollutants from chemical synthesis, plating, pickling, corrosive dust and odors from chemical processes.

Scrubbers are available in a wide variety of configurations. The most common is the vertical packed tower, in which the contaminated gases enter the lower section and are decontaminated by a "scrubbing" liquor washing down from above, with the cleaned gases exiting the column at the top. Other styles include horizontal packed scrubbers, which offer a lower profile, and venturi scrubbers, which offer greater particulate handing capability, usually at the expense of ultimate removal efficiencies. Other styles of scrubbers are available to suit specific needs.

Each of the above styles is available as a stand-alone piece of equipment, or supplied as a complete system, with recirculation systems, instrumentation, and start up assistance. Where practial, systems can be skid mounted for minimizing installation and start up time requirements.

Composites USA has manufactured scrubbers in standard corrosion grades of polyester and vinyl ester resins, as well as furan and dual laminates of PP, PVC, PVDF, ECTFE, and Teflons. Internals for these units are typically fiberglass for the supports and PP for the media, but have included any conceivable material, including the titanium internals shown which were installed in a Halar lined dual laminate scrubber.

Types of Scrubbers

Shown are in-process and finished units. Included are a 10'-0" diameter scrubber designed for high vacuum service (top), the fiberglass packing support grid and liquid spray headers for a 13'-0" diameter acid scrubber (center), and three completed units (bottom): a skid mounted venturi scrubber with polishing tower, an acid scrubber being readied for shipment; and an in-service integrally mounted fiberglass acid scrubber with fiberglass fan, duct, and fiberglass platform.

Types of scrubbers

The above photos, from left to right represent, Titanium internals, 5'-0" diameter by 70'-0 tall free standing air stripping column, 36" diameter tower being assembled, steel platforms in assembly with scubber fit up, adjustable venturi, and cyclone separators.

Air strippers are similar to scrubbers. A packed column serves as the vehicle to transfer a contaminant from a liquid stream to a gas stream. Typically used as a method of remediating contaminated ground water, the air stripping system feeds contaminated air in the upper section of the column, letting it flow down by gravity. A clean gas stream, usually air, is injected into the bottom 1of the column, rises up through the contact area, absorbing the contaminants from the liquid as flow countercurrent to each other.