Fiberglass Tanks and Process Vessels

Composites USA can supply you with your complete composite vessel needs, from atmospheric storage tanks through complex engineered vessels which might incorporate pressure, vacuum, agitation, heating, reaction, absorption or separation processes

Composites USA Capabilities:
If your facility project necessitates a tank to be procured, we will build it to the latest design standards available including, but not limited to, ASTM 3299.

Engineering Design:
The structural integrity of all designs is assured by the Composites USA engineering staff, a multi-discipline engineering group with hands on experience in the design, construction and management of chemical process plants, as well as advanced composite design for NASA and related aerospace projects.

Facilities & Tooling:
A modern manufacturing plant, optimized for construction of fiberglass vessels and related equipment, has been equipped with fixed and expandable mandrels to manufacture virtually any size in common use. Processes available include hand lay up as well as either chop hoop or helical filament winding. Various standard head configurations are available in flat, ASME dished, or cone. Our in house tooling department can manufacture specialized patterns and molds for those projects requiring it.

Vessel Materials:
Process and storage vessels are routinely manufactured using the work horse materials of the industry: vinyl ester and isophthalic polyester resin. Composites USA also manufactures vessels with epoxy, furan (furfural alcohol) and proprietary thermoset resins, and can offer fluoropolymer lined dual laminate construction for corrosive environments where none of the preceding will do. Reinforcement is typically a high strength ECR-glass with either C-veil or synthetic veils, but we have worked with many other reinforcements as well, including the higher strength S-glass and aramid fibers. FDA approvable, electrically conductive and other materials can be used if appropriate for the service.

All accessories required to offer you a complete system are available from Composites USA. These may include flanged nozzles, threaded coupling connections, man ways, lift or hold down lugs, legs, siphon tubes, sparge or feed pipes, heating coils or external blankets, insulation, baffles, agitator supports, miscellaneous internal supports, platforms, ladders, skid mounting, mechanical and instrumentation packages.

Field Installation & Other Services:
Field installation, modification & repair with qualified technicians is available for all our products. Hydrostatic testing, electrical resistance testing for electrically conductive vessels, and other tests are available on completed vessels. Our laminate testing capabilities include physical property testing for % glass, tensile strengths and flex modulus.

Quality Assurance you can count on...
Our Quality Assurance process is driven by the requirements of our chemical process and aerospace customers. It has also been independently audited and passed to the requirements of Factory Mutual and the U.S. Government Mil-I-45208.

With a Composites USA manufactured product you can be assured all raw materials have been tested and certified as meeting supplier requirements. You are also assured that all vessel manufacturing has been completed by a Composites USA technician trained, tested and certified as being proficient in his areas of expertise. Finally, you are assured that the vessel has been inspected to meet customer and Composites USA requirements prior to shipment.