Field Services

Composites USA is committed to providing exceptional products coupled with a satisfying customer experience.  Our clients can expect unparalleled product support and service. Field installation, modification and repair services are offered for all of our products from a first class service department.

Our field crews specialize in the installation and maintenance of Composites USA products including:

  • Dual Guard 2000
  • FRP Piping and Duct
  • FRP Tanks, Scrubbers and Process Vessels
  • Furan Tanks and Piping

Our Field Services

Our fully trained Service Crews offer testing services, including hydrostatic testing, electrical resistance testing for electrically conductive vessels, and spark testing of thermoplastic and elastomer lining systems.  Our laminate testing capabilities include physical property testing for % glass, tensile strengths and flex modulus. 

Our Inspection Services

Composites USA offers complete Engineering Services supported by engineers credentialed in the chemical, polymer, thermosetting and thermoplastic material disciplines. Some of the Engineering Services offered include:

  • Drawings of Pipe and Duct Systems
  • Design of Piping Systems
  • Processes
  • Testing
  • Structures
  • Failure Investigation
  • Consulting
  • Analysis of in place systems

All of the services detailed above are offered regardless of geography or project duration. Training for customer selected contractors is also available.